Nobody’s Pack is no longer WIP!

Nobody's Pack

By now, basic Nobody’s Pack includes all textures up to version 14w25b

My next goals are: to create dark and light version and a lower resolution one (32x).
Bit by bit I will also upgrade it and add new mods supports (first I have to check how many of these I’ve got here – I will only share full supports).
I’d like to remind you that volunteers can take their turn at creating supports, too.

You can expect my new resourcepack soon („Book of adventures”)

Special thanks to:
Karimiri – for help with creating textures (mainly supports) and mental kicks 🙂
If it wasn’t for him, Nobody’s Pack would still remain tagged WIP
…and for artists who allowed their arts to be used:
KarkatDoesMinecraft – (ok, w zasadzie to za opublikowanie jej na licencji creative commons)
MinecraftPhotography – as above
…and for some Japanese guy whose nick or name consists of weird signs there’s no way I could quote 🙂
to kabanos for the texturepack-browsing map (a screenshot of which you can see below)
and to Kajetan for help with translation